"My work passion is clear and results-oriented communication. My unusual background is spanning from logic (mathematics & programming) to business communication, languages and pedagogy. The cross-fertilization makes it easier for me to see the small differences which will tell winning from loosing ideas.

To your success,

Fleur Rudberg

PS. I often hear that I am good at quickly seeing the essence of a problem and will easily see a possible solution and that I can communicate it such that it is more clear also to others.

My career objective: Research & Consulting:
I love digging deeper to see overall problems, and I love to hear the problems of others to try to help steer them in the right direction. Therefore, I opt for consulting & research in combination.

When not working, I love spending time with my family, I love languages, travel and interpersonal communication.

I enjoy being outdoor: In the mountains, forest, on horse-back or at sea under sail.

I have trained Judo and Full Contact Thai-boxing and still love intensive cardio and muscular training."



Together with the right expertise in the field, Fleur Rudberg particularly can help operations-management, HR- and Controller-functions to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and set up a clear, results-oriented follow-up system including giving the right foundation and training such that it will be understood and adhered to by everyone.

The objective is to have a clear one-page overview over all the objectives per function and their current status for board, management and all other affected.

Research-work at Chalmers and Göteborgs universitet

Fleur Rudberg has conducted research within Pedagogy & Linguistics at Göteborgs Universitet about special education and formal semantics of natural languages (English, Swedish & Arabic).

Fleur particularly want to continue her research in Business Communication at Chalmers IT-universitetet in the area of measuring Key Performance Indicators and improving internal communication about the goals and objectives of a business with regards to follow-up of its goals, processes and functions.

Entrepreneurial endeavours

Combining the strong IT-skills and experience with her KPI-research, Fleur Rudberg is in her spare-time developing a dashboard- and KPI-library system.


Fleur was voted top 5 English teachers at the upper secondary level in Morocco, resulting in an Academic Scholarship to the United States and University of Morocco and work offered as a teacher at the University.

Miscellaneous on languages:

Fleur is a multi-language speaker with fluency in English, Swedish, French and Arabic.

Academic Background:

Fleur Rudberg holds:

 a Master of Science in Business Communication from Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg,
 a Master in Linguistics from Gothenburg University and
 a Master in English and Pedagogy from University Ibn Tofail, Morocco.